Bonsoir/Bonjour comme je vous avais dit sur le précédent artidle Selena a fait un photoshop pour "Glamour" je vosu présente les autre photos :


    De nouvelles photos de Selena sur le plateau de tournage des Sorciers de Waverly Place sont apparue :


    Un photoshoot inconnu de Selena a était apparut le shoot date de 2011 :



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    Mercredi 21 Novembre 2012 à 06:14
    i wannnnnaaa know ralley bad cause i want to be prepared for her 2012 tour so i can go to one of her concerts near where i live i did go to one of her concerts in the san diego arena sep.9 2011 i was like in the middle i couldnt see her but it was worth it butt theres always next year and if you guys could ralley gey schedules for her upcoming that would be AMAZING!!!!!!
    Mercredi 21 Novembre 2012 à 12:32

    You were very lucky to go to one of his concert! I dream in 2013 but it was only because I live in France

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